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Do you want to join the Ita Travel team? 

We are looking for a travel coordinator and tour guide who wants flexible working hours, is ambitious and who is passionate about showing off "his city" in the best possible way based on the customer's wishes and needs.

Job description

We are looking for a tour guide who plans, coordinates and carries out weekend trips for companies and groups, where you yourself are part of the tour guide/guide.

This will be commission-based based on the sales you and Ita Travel make on your trip. There will therefore be good opportunities to earn well if you are passionate about the work you do. We also encourage you to sell/market yourself, as this increases your commission.


  • Structured

  • Ambitious

  • Results conscious

  • Great initiative and a good mood

  • Dutiful, persistent and self-motivated

  • Clear and eloquent in Norwegian, English and knowledge of the language where you are.

  • Good with people

  • Experience from marketing (social media) is an advantage

We offer:

  • Good commission agreement

  • Development opportunities

  • Flexible working hours

We are primarily looking for people who are residents of or have extensive knowledge of the following cities: Barcelona, Malaga, Amsterdam, Berlin, Reykjavik, Rome.

Other cities may also be interesting if you this is a job you have dreamed of and want to show off to our customers.

Send us a short description of yourself and how you would "sell" your city to potential customers. Perhaps you will become part of an exciting team at Ita Travel.

Become part of our team!

Thanks for your submission!

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