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About us

Welcome to Ita Travel. No fancy offices or expensive middlemen. Only our expertise and passion for beautiful surroundings, good wine and local food. We simply offer a bit of the good life in Italy.

Our vision

Through Ita Travel, you as a customer will experience good personal contact from the first inquiry, until we go on a trip together. You build good bonds which in turn leads to a unique experience. Believing that a mix of enthusiasm, long experience, above average creative abilities and a little "sparkling wine" every now and then, Ita Travel will show the best Italy has to offer.


With a team that has passion and relations to Italy, such as Mariangela Di Fiore, Dag Otto Lauritzen and now also RaceUnivers, each of which is unique in what they offer, we will convey this passion to you.

We at ITA Travel look forward to taking you on a trip!

Frank Jensini

Frank Jensini

Daglig leder & Partner

Hana Colakovic

Hana Colakovic

Forretningsutvikler & Partner


Kontakt oss

Feel free to follow us  Facebook  and Instagram .

There you will find inspiration and good reasons to join ITA Travel to Italy. 

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