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Vingård i Italia
På tur med Dag Otto Lauritzen

On tour with
Day Otto Lauritzen

ITA Travel and Dag Otto Lauritzen present a trip you will not want to miss, to beautiful Franciacorta and Lake Iseo in Italy. A trip where we focus on the good life. Bicycle rides on car-free roads, vineyard visits, delicious dining experiences, boat rides on beautiful Lake Iseo. And of course Dag Otto will give lectures with lots of humor. A trip with a focus on unity and cosiness. A trip that suits most people


Join Ita Travel on our popular "Sparkletur" to beautiful Franciacorta and Lake Iseo. A trip where we focus on the good life, sparkling wine, delicious food, experiences, vineyard visits, shopping and lazy hours by the pool. The perfect friend trip!

Vintur til Italia
Vintur i Franciacorta Italia

On tour with
Mariangela Di Fiore

Mariangela Di Fiore, winner of  The Brage Prize in 2021 for the book Sisters and bestsellers with the books  "Riding Unicorns" and Camorraland. Her writing courses in Tuscany and Rome are very popular.  The cookbook "My Italian grandmother's kitchen" is in focus when we  presents  food course in beautiful Tuscany.  And the trip to her beloved Naples. A real and unadorned trip you will not want to miss. 

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